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Lp. Tytuł Autor ISBN
1 Fluid Chemistry, Drilling and Completion Qiwei Wang 9780128227213
2 2D Advanced Functionalized Inorganic Nanomaterials Kamble Ganesh 9783527346776
3 Advances in Waste-to-Energy Technologies Rajeev Pratap Singh 9781138390423
4 Biorefinery of Alternative Resources: Targeting Green Fuels and Platform Chemicals Sonil Nanda 9789811518034
5 CO2 Storage Coupled with Enhanced Oil Recovery Cho Jinhyung 9783030419004
6 Computational Modeling of Underground Coal Gasification Mahajani Sanjay 9781138091597
7 Condensed Isogeometric Analysis for Plate and Shell Structures Gan Buntara 9780367023485
8 Conjugated Polymers for Next-Generation Applications, Volume 1 Vijay Kumar 9780128234426
9 Conjugated Polymers for Next-Generation Applications, Volume 2 Vijay Kumar 9780128240946
10 Cryogenic Engineering and Technologies Dr. Zuyu Zhao  9781498765763
11 Electrochemical Devices for Energy Storage Applications Mesfin A. Kebede 9780367425678
12 Fundamentals of Wind Farm Aerodynamic Layout Design Torabi Farschad 9780128230169
13 Heterogeneous Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Justin S. J. Hargreaves 9783527344857
14 Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Mario J. Muñoz-Batista 9783030494919
15 High Plasticity Magnesium Alloy Materials Jiang 9780128201107
16 Integrated Environmental Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Sustainable Development  Vineet Kumar 9780323911801
17 Lignocellulosic Biomass to Value-Added Products Haldar Dibyajyoti 9780128235348
18 Metal-Organic Frameworks with Heterogeneous Structures Ali Morsali 9781119792048
19 Metal-Organic Frameworks-Based Hybrid Materials for Environmental Sensing and Monitoring Ram K. Gupta  9781032024530
20 Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation Sergei Votyakov 9783030494674
21 Modeling, Control, Estimation, and Optimization for Microgrids Zhong Zhixiong 9781138491656
22 Near-Earth Laser Communications, Second Edition Hamid Hemmati 9781498777407
23 Principles Of Solar Cells: Connecting Perspectives On Device, System, Reliability, And Data Science Alam Muhammad Ashraf 9789811231537
24 Rapid Review of Chemistry for the Life Sciences and Engineering Casparian Armen 9780367541668
25 Reaction Engineering, Catalyst Preparation, and Kinetics Marchetti Jorge 9781138605985
26 Spark Ablation Andreas Schmidt-Ott 9789814800822
27 Structured Glass-Fiber Catalysts Lopatin Sergey 9780367253851
28 Supported Metal Single Atom Catalysis Philippe Serp 9783527348442
29 Sustainable Separation Engineering Gyorgy Szekely 9781119740087
30 Theories and Technologies of Bionic Drilling Fluids Guancheng Jiang 9780323902939
31 Unconventional Water Resources Manzoor Qadir 9783030901455
32 Understanding the Dynamics of Nuclear Power and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions Qudrat-Ullah Hassan 9783031043406
33 Urban Mining and Sustainable Waste Management Sadhan Kumar Ghosh 9789811505317
34 Water and Wastewater Management Müfit Bahadir  9783030952877