Książki zagraniczne proponowane do zakupu w maju


1-Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanostructures - Zainovia Lockman

3D Integration in VLSI Circuits - Katsuyuki Sakuma

Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis - Tom Denton

Advances in Electric Power and Energy - Mohamed E. El-Hawary

An Introduction to Real Analysis -  Ravi P. Agarwal, Cristina Flaut, Donal O'Regan

Analytical Techniques in Forensic Science - Rosalind Wolstenholme, Sue Jickells, Shari Forbes

Biorefinery Production Technologies for Chemicals and Energy -  Arindam Kuila, Mainak Mukhopadhyay

Cellular Analysis by Atomic Force Microscopy - Małgorzata Lekka

Chemistry of Pyrotechnics - Chris Mocella

Differential Equations - P. Mohana Shankar

Engendering Climate Change - Asha Hans

Fiber-Optic Fabry-Perot Sensors - Zeng-Ling Ran

Fundamentals of Molecular Symmetry - P.R. Bunker

Fundamentals of Optomechanics - Daniel Vukobratovich,  Paul Yoder

Gorenstein Homological Algebra - Alina Iacob

Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites - Alessandro Stroppa

Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 - Sudip Misra

Knot Theory - Vassily Olegovich Manturov

Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation - Sergei Votyakov

Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Process Systems - Nayef Ghasem

Multi-View Geometry Based Visual Perception and Control of Robotic Systems - Jian Chen

Natural Gas Hydrate Management in Deepwater Gas Well - Zhiyuan Wang

Process Gas Chromatographs - Tony Waters

Recovery of Byproducts from Acid Mine Drainage Treatment - Elvis Fosso-Kankeu

Seismic Inversion Methods: A Practical Approach - S. P. Maurya

Single-Polymer Composites - Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Strategies for Bioremediation of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants - Maria S. Fuentes

Waste Valorisation - Carol Sze Ki Lin