Biblioteka Główna Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie

Program seminarium

09.00-09.15 Registration, AGH UST Main Library, ground floor

09.15-09.45 Opening ceremony and welcome address 
Resources for Digital Era Engineers, Prof. Dr hab. C. Eng. Janusz SZPYTKO, AGH UST, Krakow, Poland
Introduction to the AGH Main Library resources: UNESCO AGH Chair Fellows’ point of view, M.Sc. Maria GARCZYNSKA, AGH UST, Krakow, Poland
09.45-11.00 Regular session, RS01, Chairman: Sasikarn NUCHDANG, (Ph.D.) Thailand, Purak ADHIKARI, (B.Sc.) Nepal, 6 papers
1. Library Management Systems and E-learning, TAIMUR Asad Ullah, Pakistan 
2. Users and librarian experiences, NKUNZI Donatille, Rwanda
3. Technology advanced in Library Services, BATAKANWA Nicholas Ruvumana Charles, Tanzania
4. Use of libraries in education process, IFTIKHAR Zainab, Pakistan
5. Use Title Case for Paper Title, RASAMOELA Tolojanahary Ravakiniaina, Madagascar
6. An old library fulfils "service", a new library is in motion, Paweł ŁAPUCHA, (Poland) 
11.00-12.15, Regular session, RS02, Chairman: Tolojanahary Ravakiniaina RASAMOELA, (M.Sc.) Madagascar, Paweł ŁAPUCHA, (M.Sc.), Poland, 5 papers
1. Library Management Systems and E-learning ADHIKARI Purak., Nepal
2. International Student’s Experiences of AGH University of Science and Technology Library and Librarians, AR KAR KYAW, Myanmar and PHYO WAI THANT, Myanmar
3. The role of public libraries, why are libraries essential?, LE Thi Sinh, Vietnam 
4. Treasures of AGH University Main Library, Karolina FORMA, Poland
5. Challenge in management e-book, LUONG Le Huy, Vietnam
12.15-12.45 Coffee/tea break
12.45-14.00, Regular session, RS03, Chairman: Miguel Humberto QUINTANA HERNANDEZ, (B.Sc.) Peru, Danuta RYŚ, (M.Sc.) Poland, 5 papers
1. Conflict Between the Use of Libraries and the Internet; Impact on Research, AGBENYEKU Mary Atta-Panyi, Ghana
2. Libraries: Case Study of Kenya, BORU Nuria Ali, Kenya
3. Innovation of library services, SOLIRI Judith., Chad
4. Factors that influence the use of library resources by faculty members, QUINTANA HERNANDEZ Miguel Humberto, Peru
5. Users and librarians experiences in libraries, LE Huy Minh, Vietnam.
14.00 - 15.15, Regular session, RS04, Chairman: Judith SOLIRI, (M.Sc.) Chad, Karolina FORMA, (M.Sc.) Poland, 5 papers
1. E-Resources and its utilities in Library, ALMANSOUR Sana Ahmad, Syria
2. Internet and library use, JAMTSHO Younten, Bhutan
3. Library User Experience, EFFIONG Victoria Odokwo, Nigeria.
4. Past to Future of Libraries, NUCHDANG Sasikarn, Thailand.
5. The role of public libraries in Chiapas, México in the digital age, MOJICA CASTILLO Enrique Abdala, Mexico
15.15-15.30, Closing ceremony 



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