Wykaz książek zagranicznych proponowanych do zakupu w maju


Wykaz nowości książek zagranicznych proponowanych do zakupu w maju. Książki można przeglądać i zarekomendować w Oddziale Informacji Naukowej Biblioteki Głównej, I piętro, pok. 121.



Gablota 1

Advances in Microwave Chemistry

Atomic-Molecular Ionization by Electron Scattering

Basic Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics, Third Edition

Biofabrication and 3D Tissue Modeling


Dynamic System Reliability

Eco-generative Design for Early Stages of Architecture

Electrochromic Smart Materials


Emerging Devices for Low-Power and High-Performance Nanosystems

Frustrated Materials and Ferroic Glasses

Fundamentals of Electroceramics

Geological Carbon Storage

Graphene Network Scaffolded Flexible Electrodes-From Lithium to Sodium Ion Batteries

Hybrid Nanocomposites

Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Magnetoelectric Composites


Materials Science for Dentistry

Materials, Chemicals and Methods for Dental Applications

Metal Matrix Composites

Metal Oxides in Energy Technologies

Metal Soaps in Art

Modelling of Damage Processes in Biocomposites, Fibre-Reinforced Composites and Hybrid Composites

Neuroscience, Robotics and Virtual Reality: Internalized vs Externalized Mind/Brain

New Trends in Coal Conversion

Phenomenological Creep Models of Composites and Nanomaterials

Power System Wide-area Stability Analysis and Control

Practical Nanotechnology for Petroleum Engineers

Science and Engineering of Hydrogen-Based Energy Technologies

Sheet Metal Meso- and Microforming and Their Industrial Applications

Silver Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

Structural Health Monitoring of Biocomposites, Fibre-Reinforced Composites and Hybrid Composites

Superconducting Fault Current Limiter: Innovation For The Electric Grids

Synthesis and Tribological Applications of Hybrid Materials

The Heaviest Metals


Gablota 2

5g Mobile Communications: Concepts and Technologies        

5g Physical Layer: Principles, Models and Technology Components     

Advanced Chipless Rfid: Mimo-Based Imaging at 60 Ghz

Advanced Materials for Membrane Fabrication and Modification            

Biorefineries: Design and Analysis          

Dynamics and Control of Electric Transmission and Microgrids  

Efficiency and Power in Energy Conversion and Storage: Basic Physical Concepts          

Electronic Materials: Principles and Applied Science   

Emerging Technologies for Health and Medicine: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Industry 4.0  

Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability     

Frontier Problems in Quantum Mechanics        

Fundamentals of Electroceramics: Materials, Devices, and Applications

Hydraulic Rig Technology and Operations           

Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation: The Technology of Patient Care     

Lte Communications and Networks: Femtocells and Antenna Design Challenges                              

Materials Science and Technology of Optical Fabrication          

Modern Physical Chemistry: Engineering Models, Materials, and Methods with Applications      

Nanofluidics: An Introduction   

Nanomaterials in Energy Devices        

Optoelectronic Devices

Pantograph and Contact Line System   

Petroleum Fluid Phase Behavior: Characterization, Processes, and Applications

Pollution Control for the Petrochemicals Industry          

Polymeric Membrane Synthesis, Modification, and Applications: Electro-Spun and Phase Inverted Membranes          

Power Engineering: Advances and Challenges Part B: Electrical Power   

Power System Control Under Cascading Failures: Understanding, Mitigation, and System Restoration   

Power System Protection in Smart Grid Environment   

Practical Methods for Analysis and Design of HV Installation Grounding Systems          

Principles of Thermodynamics

Radar Data Processing with Applications             

Single Crystals of Electronic Materials: Growth and Properties    

Synthesis Green Metrics: Problems, Exercises, and Solutions     

Telehealth and Mobile Health

Wi-Fi Integration to the 4g Mobile Network      

Wireless Physical Layer Network Coding