Full-text patents from Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Lithuania; coverage 1993-2009; database discontinued



Contains bibliographic information on granted European patents



Bibliographic and legal status data of European patent applications and granted European patents



Data base contains all bibliographic information on European patent applications and PCTpamphlets, including searchable abstracts in English and also in French (only for PCT). Contains cross references giving the address where the complete document can be retrieved on corresponding ESPACE EP-A; hyperlinks to esp@cenet



PubMed covers biomedical literature published after 1960. It contains over 22 million bibliographic descriptions from about 4 thousand journals. The search criteria are: key words, authors' names, publication year, journal title, etc.

Publisher: NCBI





ProQuest is a service providing, except bibliographic descriptions, full texts of articles from more than 2 thousand scientific journals. The following categories are included: exact sciences, computer science, telecommunications, social sciences, education, industry, nursing, biomedicine, agriculture, veterinary medicine, nutrition, forestry.



PGM Database

PGM Database is a collection of physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of platinum metals  (platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium), and their alloys. It provides access to information regarding more than 400 alloys,  1000 diagrams and graphs.

PMG Database is currently updated. Everyone can contribute to the database, sending information at  pgmdatabase[at]matthey[dot]com

Publisher: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Phase Equilibria Diagrams (CD ROM Ed.)

Contents: The database contains more than 10,000 phase diagrams for a wide range of ceramic systems. The diagrams come from the publication Phase Diagrams For Ceramists. Diagrams from the volumes I-IV appear in the database in the form of scanned pictures, while diagrams from the volumes V-IX, Annuals '91, '92, '93 and the Superconductor Monograph are in an interactive format. In addition, the database contains a complete bibliography, a chemical classification and other information regarding the diagrams published in volumes I-X of the above mentioned series.



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