FAQ - Around citations

How and where can check if my publications have been cited?
Citations of publications can be found the following databases:
Web of Science      online training and presentations

Information about citations can also be found using:

What is the h-index and where can I find it?
H-index refers to the number of scientific publications which have been cited h or more times, e.g. h=10 means that among the authors' publications there are 10 publications, which have been cited at least 10 times each.

H-index can be found in:

Web of Science (using author search)
SCOPUS (using author search)
• Publish or Perish software (to be downloaded from www.harzing.com/pop_win.htm)
Google Scholar Citations 

What is Impact Factor and where can I find it?
Impact Factor is the ratio of the number of citations of a given journal to the number of articles published in this journal in the same period of time.

Impact Factor values can be found in the database Journal Citation Reports (JCR) published by Thomson Reuters.
Data for years 1997-2019 can be found online.

Impact Factor values change every year for every journal, and some titles can be removed from the list.

Not all journals from the  Thomson Reuters Master Journal List are included in Journal Citation Reports, therefore not all have Impact Factor.

What is summary Impact Factor and how can it be calculated?
In rozporządzenie MNiSW w sprawie w sprawie kryteriów oceny osiągnięć osoby ubiegającej się o nadanie stopnia doktora habilitowanego, one of the criteria is summary Impact Factor of the author's publications.

It is based on the author's articles published in journals included in JCR datadase, and calculated according to the formula below: 

Summary IF = Ax(n) * IFx(n) + Ay(n) * IFy(n) + Ay(m) * IFy(m) + …

n, m - the author's article publication year / year for which IF was calculated
Ax - the number of the author's articles published in x journal in a given year
Ay - the number of the author's articles published in y journal in a given year
IFx - IF of x journal for a given year
IFy - IF of y journal for a given year

Can one commission to prepare a list of citations of  publications for an employee or a group of employees?
Yes. The Reference Department prepares lists of citations of scientific publications on the basis of available sources.