Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering


Faculty library    
C-4, 2nd floor, room 216 Marta Majer-Dudek, MEng. +48 12 617 23 06
Extent of collections: Opening hours: Monday 9.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.  
books 7 410 vol.   Tuesday closed  
journals    455 vol.   Wednesday closed  
special collections    303 units   Thursday closed  
total 8 168 units   Friday closed  
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Subject areas:
geodesy, cartography, town and country planning, higher geodesy, mine surveying, photogrammetry, satellite & aerial remote sensing, engineering and industrial surveys, assessment of real estates, conservation of nature and environment protection, environmental engineering, ecology, ecotoxicology, land recultivation, pedology, environmental chemistry, waste management, environmental monitoring.
Special collections: 
doctoral dissertations, surveying instruction manuals.