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SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)

An integrated package of databases created and made available by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) - a branch of the American Chemical Society on SciFinder-n platform constituting one of the largest and most complete source of information in the field of chemistry and related sciences, such as: biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, applied chemistry, analytical and chemical engineering. The platform's  features include searching for information according to chemical structures and reaction schemes, links to full texts of source materials. The source covers the following databases:

  • CA Plus (scientific literature and patents) - contains information from approx. 50 thousand. scientific journals, currently with 10 thousand. current titles and indexes 1,500 key chemical journals, patents from 61 countries, books, dissertations, conference materials, technical reports and preprints.
  • CAS Registry (Chemicals) - Information on 91 million organic and inorganic chemicals and 65 million chemical sequences from published articles, patents, internet and commercial sources, quality controlled by CAS scientists
  • CASREACT (chemical reactions) - information on 77 million single-step and multi-step reactions and 13 million synthetic products
  • CHEMCATS (catalog of commercial chemicals with prices and contact details of suppliers) - descriptions of over 94 million products from 1,300 catalogs and 1,100 suppliers
  • CHEMLIST - information on 312 thousand. registered chemicals available on world markets since 1980
  • CIN (Chemical Industry Notes) - 1.6 million records from industry publications since 1974 for specific chemical products
  • MARPAT - Over a million searchable Markush structures with 439,000 patents since 1988.

SciFinder is accessible only for AGH University staff and students after registration. An e-mail address within the AGH University domain is requred.