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Key to Steel • 22. edition 2010 is the worldwide competent cross reference work
More than 70 000 standards and steel-brands of approx. 300 steelworks and suppliers. Standards and designations from 25 countries. Categories contained: Structural and constructional steels, Tool steels, Valve steels, High temperature steels and alloys, Nonmagnetizable steels, Heat-resisting steels, Heat conducting alloys, Stainless steels, Stainless steel castings, Welding filler materials. Detailed compositions and cross referenced standards and designations: ACI; AFNOR NF; AISI; AMS; AS/NZS, ASME, ASTM, AWS, BDS, BS, CSA, CŠN, EN, EURONORM, FEDERAL, GB, GOST, IS, ISC, ISO, JB, JIS, JUS , KS, MIL, MSZ, NS, ÖNORM, PN, SAE, SS, STAS/SR, STN, UNE,•UNI, UNS, YB. Direct access to standard numbers, symbols and designations. Search of materials by chemical composition or mechanical/physical properties. Listing of all materials mentioned within a standard. Direct comparison of international designation. All German suppliers of a defined

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Publisher: Verlag Stahlschlüssel