PERINORM  is a bibliographic database dedicated to helping you with your standards and technical regulations enquiries.

It is the world's bibliographic database of national, European and international standards from over 200 organizations in 23 countries , a total of more than 1,400,000 records.

Perinorm is the only product in the world which sources its information directly from the Standards' producers.

Available in three languages (English, French & German), Perinorm is an online tool that comes with a monthly update. The quality of information is guaranteed by the monthly direct delivery realised by each institute.

Perinorm allows you to quickly identify international equivalents to standards used in your products. You can easily integrate and compare your documents for a complete references management.

The quality of the content is due to direct delivery released monthly by each institute.

Perinorm is available on annual subscription.


Language: English, French, German

Type of information: bibliographic and abstract

Search criteria: standard number, words from the title or abstract, key words, IPC codes, organization

The database is available in the Special Collections Department

2nd floor, room 213, phone 12 617 32 17, ozs[at][dot]pl