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ASTM STANDARDS database  contains more than  12 thousand standards published by one of the most important standards development organizations in the world, the American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM develops and disseminates standards concerning materials, products, systems, and services. They are applied and accepted all over the world in research activities and materials testing. Quality systems and commercial exchange operate on their basis.

A bibliographic standards database PERINORM and  IHS Engineering Workbench database  available in the Special Collections Department of the AGH-UST Main Library are auxiliary tools for searching for ASTM standards


Language: English

Type of information: full-text

Search criteria: standard number, words from the title or abstract, key words

The database is available in the Special Collections Department
2nd floor, room 213, phone 12 617 32 17, ozs[at][dot]pl

To be sure that  ASTM standard is available in the AGH collection please check the following lists:
ASTM Book of Standards 2006 (electronic edition)
ASTM Book of Standards 2010 (electronic edition)
ASTM Book of Standards 2015 (electronic edition)