FAQ - Access to e-sources (databases, e-journals, and e-books)


Can I use electronic resources in the library if I'm neither a student nor an employee of the AGH University of Science and Technology?

Yes, if the licence agreement concluded with the publisher of the database permits it. The use of e-sources is allowed for scientific, research, and educational purposes, but it cannot serve commercial purposes. AGH University employees and students have priority.

Do I have to pay for access to electronic sources?
Employees and students of state universities in Cracow can use electronic sources free of charge. Access for employees and students of other institutions is paid according to the current price list.

Can I access e-sources from my computer at home?
AGH University staff and students having an active library account can use e-sources at home, provided the licence agreement allows such use.

Can I download articles or books from the library electronic resources?
Available resources are protected by copyright. Copying (printing and saving on electronic discs) is permitted for scientific or educational purposes, provided the terms and conditions of licence agreements and copyright are obeyed. 
Downloading full journal issues or full texts of books, the creation of local archives, the use of programmes for automatic downloading, and the use of e-sources for commercial purposes are forbidden by licence agreements. 

Are all electronic sources available from computers outside the AGH University intranet?
The list of accessible e-sources is available here.

Where can I print something or make a photocopy?
The results of searches in e-sources can be printed in the Reference Department Reading Room, and in the 
Standards, Patents and Cartographic Collections Reading Room. Printing is paid according to the current price list.

At the library there are self-service photocopiers. Magnetic cards to these photocopiers can be bought in the cloakroom.

Where can I use a computer with access to the Internet?
Computers with the Internet access are located in the Main Reading Room, the 
Standards, Patents and Cartographic Collections Reading Room, Catalogue Hall and the Reference Department Reading Room. Users conducting searches in e-sources have priority of use.