The Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology


AGH users have access to two collections of JSTOR archive journals:

  • Arts & Sciences  I - journals from the following fields: African American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Finance, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Sociology, Statistic
  • Arts & Sciences XIII - journals from the following fields: Art & Art History, History, Asian Studies, Language & Literature, Music, Philosophy           


Arts and Sciences I - more information and the journal title list

Arts and Sciences XIII - more information and the journal title list


In the addition to the subscribed content JSTOR  provides free of charge:

- archives of American e-journals published before 1923, and international e-journals published before 1870 (full texts of about 500 thousand articles from more than 200 journals, many of them not included in the Arts & Sciences I and XIII subscribed collections

- current open access academic e-journals (more than30 titles)

- open access e-books (more than 2000 titles) published by University of California Press, Cornell University Press, NYU Press and  University of Michigan Press.


List of open access JSTOR journals and books