AGH University Main Library

AGH Repository - new version


The AGH Repository is an institutional digital archive of AGH scientific resources. The purpose of the Repository is to disseminate publications and materials that have been produced as part of the scientific and research and teaching activities of the university.

The service is available at

The documents are divided into collections, which include articles, scientific publications, doctoral dissertations, and theses.

The E-Books collection contains electronic books purchased by the AGH University Main Library.

The Digital Library collection contains digitized old prints (1801-1945), old prints, patent descriptions, industry standards, scripts, and monographs.

The resources made available are addressed to the entire scientific community. In addition, employees, doctoral students, and AGH students, after creating an account in the Repository, have the possibility to deposit resources in open access and can use content dedicated exclusively to them, such as the E-Books collection.

The Repository is based on DSpace software, which offers many practical functionalities. Each shared document (object) is described with metadata, making it easy to find through digital scholarly resource services.

The available version of the AGH Repository is under continuous development and not all planned functionalities have already been launched. Temporary difficulties in use may also occur.

Comments and questions should be addressed to the Repository coordinators:

Marta Urbaniec, e-mail: marta.urbaniec[at][dot]pl,
Justyna Korczak, e-mail: justyna.korczak[at][dot]pl.