AGH University Main Library

ASTM Compass – new database with full text of standards


The AGH Main Library invites you to use the ASTM Compass database. This is a service from the publisher ASTM International that provides access to current and archival resources from several of the publisher's collections.
The service includes: 

  • over 12,500 current standards,
  • over 42,600 archived standards and over 2,400 withdrawn standards,
  • full texts of eight ASTM journals ('Advances in Civil Engineering Materials', 'Materials Performance and Characterization', 'Geotechnical Testing Journal', 'Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 'Journal of ASTM International, 'Journal of Cement, Concrete and Aggregates', 'Journal of Composites Technology and Research, 'Journal of Forensic Sciences),
  • ASTM symposium publications (more than 29 000 papers),
  • scientific books (1550 items, coverage since 1931),
  • textbooks, and monographs (more than 120 items, coverage since 1965).

To access the ASTM Compass database:    on the AGH network at,

outside the AGH network, access is possible after creating an account (e-mail address in domain or required).

Instruction: when connecting to the ASTM Compass database from the AGH computer network (from the IP number registered for the license), create an individual account by selecting the "Sign In/Register" option in the top right corner, then fill in the form, be sure to provide the account address in the or domain, leave the default university name: AGH University of Science and Technology.

If you have a problem setting up the account yourself, it can be set up by a librarian.
Contact: Agnieszka Podrazik (e-mail: agnieszka.podrazik[at][dot]pl, tel. 12 617 32 07, 12 617 32 08)