The Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology

Not only books... the Library unlike you think. The exhibition at the Main Library

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In 2022 the AGH Library celebrates its centenary. For ten decades it has been supporting research and teaching processes carried out at the University.

The history of the Main Library is inseparably connected with the history of the University. At the request of the Senate Library Committee the library was organized in the academic year 1921/1922, i.e. two years after the ceremonial inauguration of the first year of studies at the  Academy of Mining (1919).

The library collection was started by donations from many private persons, mainly professors of the Academy and scientific institutions, both Polish and foreign. Maria Skłodowska-Curie herself offered help in acquiring French periodicals; thanks to her efforts the collection of journals expanded with the periodical "Revue de Metallurgie".

At present the AGH Library is the largest technical library in Krakow and one of the largest in Poland. It has a collection of over 440,000 books, 148,000 volumes of printed journals and over 340,000 units of special collections. It provides access to over 730,000 electronic resources (such as articles, book chapters, conference papers) iincluding 98 specialized and multi-disciplinary databases. The Library runs a Standards Information Point offering full access to over 100 thousand Polish and foreign standards and a Regional Patent Information Centre PATLIB which provides access to all Polish patent descriptions.

The 100th anniversary of AGH University of Science and Technology is an opportunity not only to recall its past, but also to present its present condition.

The exhibition includes an open-air historical part and in the exhibition hall of the Library, presenting various aspects of its activities. The content presented on the boards and in the showcases is accompanied by old and contemporary photographs from the Library's archives.

The exhibition can be seen until the end of October this year.  You are welcome!