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Derwent Innovation

The Derwent Innovation database is a well-respected tool for conducting searches in the world's patent literature and includes documentation from over 70 major patent offices from around the world. It has advanced search functions to help you accurately find documents on a topic of interest. It features filtering, sorting, and presentation of results, also in graphic form, and the ability to export results to spreadsheets and other formats for further analysis.

Publisher: Clarivate

Updates: Weekly

Language: English

Search criteria: title, abstract, publication number, publication date, priority number, priority date, countries designated, IPC, CPC symbols, name of the inventor and patent holder, patent family, and others.

The database is available in the Special Collections Department, 2nd floor, room 213, phone: 12 617 32 17, ozs[at][dot]pl

Prior reservation of the database is recommended, as access to the database is possible only for 1 simultaneous user.