The Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology

CLOAKROOM in the Main Library of AGH UST - Terms of Use

  1. The Main Library of AGH UST provides a cloakroom solelely for the use of  visitors to the building, exibitions, users of the Reading Rooms and  Open Stacks Zone as well as visitors to events.
  2. Use of the cloakroom is free of charge.
  3. The cloakroom operates on the days and at the times when the Library is open for visitors.
  4. Cloakroom employees are obliged to diligent storage of the goods entrusted to them, and in particular to keep them in good condition.
  5. Coats, sticks, long or wet umbrellas, suitcases, travel bags or rucksacks may not be taken into the Reading Rooms or Open Stacks Zone, and must be left either at the cloakroom or in a locker.
  6. The cloakroom shall not accept the following items to be stored:
    • valuables (e.g. a laptop, photo equipment, a cell phone, jewelry), items of artistic or scientific value, personal ID cards and other documents, domestic and foreign monies or payment cards; the user who leaves such documents and other valuables in the stored outwear and other items left for storage shall do it at their own risk and responsibility;
    • items which might be difficult to store in the cloakroom due to their measurements or other features (e.g. glass, pushchairs, trolleys and wheelchairs);
    • items which might pose threat to third parties or their property, particularly through damage or contamination, as well as other items which might damage or contaminate the cloakroom;
    • items which produce unpleasant smell; weapons and ammunition, flammables, explosives and other hazardous materials.
  7. We provide baskets to take items, such as pencils, notebooks, laptops and other personal possessions listed in 6a point, into the Reading Rooms and Open Stacks Zone.
  8. Accepting luggage for storage is only possible if the cloakroom has free space and storage possibilities.
  9. The User shall be provided with a token as proof of accepting items into the cloakroom;
  10. In case of losing the token it is necessary to inform the cloakroom staff thereof. The fee for losing the token should be paid in the amount of 20,00 PLN, in accordance with the AGH Main Library pricelist. The person receiving the item from the cloakroom must accurately describe it.
  11. Cloakroom employees are not obliged to confirm that the identity of the person handing over the items for safekeeping is consistent with the person who asks for the items on the basis of the issued token.
  12. By leaving items at the cloakroom, the User accepts these Terms and Conditions and agrees to observe the rules thereof.