An exhibition of foreign books 2-15.01.2019

The list of new foreign books presented from 02.01.2019 to 15.01.2019

in The Main Library Reference Department (1st floor, room 121).





Xu, Dehong

Advanced control of doubly fed induction generator for wind power systems

II 264643

Naterer, Greg F.

Advanced heat transfer

III 253731

Argha, Ahmadreza

Advances in discrete-time sliding mode control : theory and applications

II 264719

Hirschi, Joseph

Advances in productive, safe, and responsible coal mining

II 264623

Brnić, Josip

Analysis of engineering structures and material behavior

II 264749

Engel, Thomas (ed.)

Applied chemoinformatics : achievements and future opportunities

II 264713

Iafrate, Fernando

Artificial intelligence and big data : the birth of a new intelligence

II 264681

Heyde, Kris L. G.

Basic ideas and concepts in nuclear physics : an introductory approach

II 264701

Suganya, R.

Big data in medical image processing

II 264659

Yang, Guang (ed.)

Bioinspired materials science and engineering

III 253739

Basu, Prabir Kanti

Biomass gasification, pyrolysis and torrefaction : practical design and theory

II 264577

Hayenga, Heather N. (ed.)

Biomaterial mechanics

II 264672

Arkusz, Katarzyna (ed.)

Biomechanics 2018 : International Conference of the Polish Society of Biomechanics, Zielona Góra, September 5-7, 2018 : abstracts book

II 264656

Arkusz, Katarzyna (ed.)

Biomechanics in medicine and biology : proceedings of the International Conference of the Polish Society of Biomechanics, Zielona Góra, Poland, September 5-7, 2018

II 264596

Al-Mayah, Adil (ed.)

Biomechanics of soft tissues : principles and applications

II 264601

Wu, Ying (ed.)

Carbon dioxide capture and acid gas injection

II 264599

Sun, Shuhui (ed.)

Carbon nanomaterials for electrochemical energy technologies : fundamentals and applications

III 253733

Chatterjee, Anjan Kumar

Cement production technology : principles and practice

III 253732

Pöllmann, Herbert (ed.)

Cementitious materials : composition, properties, application

II 264715

Bączek, Tomasz

Chemometrics in chromatography

III 253724

Knaapila, Matti (ed.)

Conjugated polymers and oligomers : structural and soft matter aspects

III 253719

Markov, Marko S. (ed.)

Electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine

III 253717

Krarti, Moncef

Energy - efficient electrical systems for buildings

III 253723

Zhi, Chunyi (ed.)

Flexible energy conversion and storage devices

II 264747

Roy, William (ed.)

Fluid mechanics and heat transfer : inexpensive demonstrations and laboratory exercises

II 264573

Shalaby, Ahlam Ibrahim

Fluid mechanics for civil and environmental engineers

III 253725

Lumley, Roger N. (ed.)

Fundamentals of aluminium metallurgy : recent advances

II 264594

Chuvieco Salinero, Emilio

Fundamentals of satellite remote sensing : an environmental approach

II 264690

Paszyńska, Anna

Graph grammar based models of three-dimensional adaptive mesh-based computations

II 264684

Zhao, Bo

Grid-integrated and standalone photovoltaic distributed generation systems : analysis, design, and control

II 264731

Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha (ed.)

Hybrid intelligence for image analysis and understanding

II 264751

Singh, Thakur Raghu Raj (ed.)

Hydrogels : design, synthesis and application in drug delivery and regenerative medicine

II 264648

Kuo, Shiao-Wei

Hydrogen bonding in polymeric materials

II 264738

Dassargues, Alain

Hydrogeology : groundwater science and engineering

III 253715

Pal, Parimal

Industrial water treatment process technology

II 264575

Vollmer, Michael

Infrared thermal imaging : fundamentals, research and applications

II 264745

Aflori, Magdalena (ed.)

Intelligent polymers for nanomedicine and biotechnologies

II 264660

Manesis, Stamatios

Introduction to industrial automation

III 253735

Urzędowska, Aleksandra (ed.)

Inżynieria Przedsięwzięć Budowlanych : Konferencja Naukowo-Techniczna, Kraków, 26-28 czerwca 2014. T. 1

II 264675

Urzędowska, Aleksandra (ed.)

Inżynieria Przedsięwzięć Budowlanych : Konferencja Naukowo-Techniczna, Kraków, 26-28 czerwca 2014. T. 2

II 264675

Zhang, Lei (ed.)

Lithium-ion supercapacitors : fundamentals and energy applications

II 264668

Mori, Yvon

Mechanical vibrations : applications to equipment

II 264716

Song, Yujun (ed.)

Microfluidics : fundamentals, devices and applications

II 264739

Ram, Mangey (ed.)

Modeling and simulation based analysis in reliability engineering

II 264649

Ram, Mangey (ed.)

Modeling and simulation based analysis in reliability engineering

II 264695

Zhu, Ding

Modern completion technology for oil and gas wells

II 264618

Ehsani, Mehrdad

Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles

III 253729

Ramalingam, Murugan (ed.)

Nanofiber composites for biomedical applications

II 264647

Suszańska-Brzezicka, Elżbieta

Non-ferrous metals : processing and recycling - selected issues : technical English for students

III 253742

Pivert, Olivier (ed.)

NoSQL data models : trends and challenges

II 264682

Stacey, Weston M.

Nuclear reactor physics

II 264746

Roy, Jatindra Nath

Photovoltaic science and technology

II 264729

Messenger, Roger A.

Photovoltaic systems engineering

II 264673

Chanda, Manas

Plastics technology handbook

III 253722

With, Gijsbertus de

Polymer coatings : a guide to chemistry, characterization, and selected applications

II 264742

Davies, Paul

Quantum mechanics

II 264595

Xiao, Yitian (ed.)

Reactive transport modeling : applications in subsurface energy and environmental problems

II 264744

Boldea, Ion

Reluctance electric machines : design and control

III 253726

Weng, Qihao (ed.)

Remote sensing time series image processing

II 264723

Liu, Danging (ed.)

Responsive polymer surfaces : dynamics in surface topography

II 264727

Rosato, Mario Alejandro

Small wind turbines for electricity and irrigation : design and construction

II 264671

Ghaboussi, Jamshid

Soft computing in engineering

III 253721

Karellas, Sotirios

Solar cooling technologies

III 253730

Rugarli, Paolo

Steel connnection analysis

II 264748

Dávila Pineda, Diana (ed.)

Thermoelectric energy conversion : basic concepts and device applications

II 264733

Kajdas, Czesław (ed.)

Tribocatalysis, tribochemistry, and tribocorrosion

II 264600

Atkins, Ella (ed.)

Unmanned aircraft systems

III 253737

Corke, Thomas C.

Wind energy design

II 264718

Chen, Jin (ed.)

Wind turbine airfoils and blades : optimization design theory

II 264717

Evans, John

X-ray absorption spectroscopy for the chemical and materials sciences

II 264576