Conference program


Seminar Programme



08.00-08.15 Registration, AGH UST Main Library, ground floor


08.15-08.30 Opening ceremony and welcome address


Publications or e-sources: introduction into the seminar, Maria GARCZYNSKA, Poland



08.30-10.00 Regular session, RS01, Chairman:  Maria GARCZYNSKA (Poland), Agnieszka PODRAZIK (Poland), 5 papers


  1. Innovations in library services worldwide, Ofure Blessed AIKHAKHOMON, Nigeria
  2. Libraries: evolution in India, Arjun Poonthoppil AJITH, India
  3. World digital library, Jacklin AL NAMOUR , Syria
  4. Cloud computing and its application in libraries, Ronal Barcala Alvarez, Cuba
  5. Need in Nepal for open research and role of library, Biraj DHUNGANA, Nepal



10.00-11.30, Regular session, RS02, Chairman: Karolina FORMA (Poland), Arun YADAV (India), 5 papers


  1. Are libraries sustainable in a world of free, networked, digital information? Lilian ESPER, Syria
  2. Open access and open engineering education for science and technology, Frehaileab Admasu GIDEBO, Ethiopia
  3. Libraries in digital world, Ambalika Pradip KOSHTI , India
  4. Use of publications and e-resources in education in Benin Republic, LAWANI Rebecca Annick N., Benin Republic
  5. Digital libraries in education: roles and challenges, Weam NASAN AGHA, Syria


11.30-12.00 Coffee/tea break




12.00-13.30, Regular session, RS03, Chairman: Yorlandys M. SALGADO DUARTE (Cuba), Kinga WALA (Poland), 5 papers



  1. Libraries of the world: publications or e-sources, Winnie Ampomaa OWUSU, Ghana
  2. Digital library: searching for interoperability and sustainability, Vimoltip SINGTUEN, Thailand
  3. The modern library, Chinonso Uchenna UDOJI , Nigeria
  4. Open access and its impact on the future of the university libraries, KEOSYSANO Salakchit, Laos
  5. Big data and libraries: getting the most from your library data,  Thi Chinh PHAN, Vietnam


13.30 - 13.45, Poster session, PS01, Chairman: Paweł Łapucha (Poland), Akinniyi AKINSUNMADE (Nigeria), 3 papers



  1. There is wonder in every page, YASMEEN, India
  2. Publication or e-sources: expectation and reality, KEOSYSANO Salakchit, Laos
  3. Digital library, searching for interoperability and sustainability, Vimoltip SINGTUEN, Thailand


13.45-14.00, Closing ceremony





UNESCO  Chair  for Science,  Technology  and  Engineering  Education  at  the  AGH University  of Science and Technology Krakow, Poland,

The Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology,



AGH University of Science and Technology, Mickiewicza Ave. 30, PL 30-059 Krakow, Poland bld. U1, room 5