Ryszard Tadeusiewicz we do not know. An exhibition at the Main Library

Ryszard Tadeusiewicz – a professor of technical sciences, a former rector of AGH University of Science and Technology for three terms, he specializes in the vision systems of industrial robots, sensor systems, neural networks, and bio-cybernetic.
His passion - apart from scientific research and didactic work – is the popularization of science. He is the author of a few hundreds publications popularizing science, radio and TV programs. He can explain difficult scientific issues in a way which is understandable even for children.
Professor Tadeusiewicz popularizes science in an exceptionally interesting manner. His ease in communicating knowledge was confirmed by the title of the Master of Polish Speech he won  in 2002.
This year the Professor  celebrates his 70th birthday anniversary.  On this occasion the Main Library has prepared an exhibition presenting the Professor’s  other than academic passions and interests.
At the exhibition one can see photographs from the family album, favorite childhood books, numerous prizes and decorations, and get familiar with some interesting facts from his life. Selected essays published in press and books for children of his authorship have also been presented. 
The exhibition is open till 31 October 2017.