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Total Materia

Total Materia is the largest material properties database and knowledge source worldwide, with more than 10,000,000 property records for over 450,000 materials.


What’s Inside:

  •     Properties for 450,000+ Materials
  •     1,800+ Sources for Advanced Data
  •     Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites
  •     45,000+ Stress-Strain Curves
  •     69 Standard Development Organizations
  •     8,000+ Materials with Cyclic Properties
  •     International Cross-Reference Tables
  •     Property Estimation and Interpolation
  •     Chemical Composition
  •     Data Export to CAE Software
  •     Mechanical and Physical Properties
  •     Identification of Unknown Materials
  •     Multiple Material Comparison Options
  •     Standard and Material Update Tracking


Total Metals Total Metals - Flagship database offering the ultimate in standard materials properties data including composition, mechanical and physical properties, heat treatment diagrams, cross-reference tables, and much much more for over 320,000 alloys! See More
PolyPLUS PolyPLUS - New non-metallic material database offering access to material properties for thousands of plastics, ceramics, and composites including mechanical, physical, thermal, and electrical properties. See More
Extended Range Extended Range - Provides an unparalleled material properties resource for advanced CAE/FEA structural and thermal calculations and analysis and includes thousands of stress strain curves, cyclic properties and formability curves, and more. See More
SmartComp SmartComp - Identify unknown materials from chemical composition which has been generated by spectrometer. Find matches from one of the 320,000+ metals and then view material property data and cross-references at the click of a button. See More
DataPLUS DataPLUS - Supplementary data module providing corrosion data, material joining information, material dimensions and tolerances and coatings information for thousands of metallic and non-metallic materials. See More
eXporter eXporter - Export material property data into CAE solver formats in 3 simple steps including formats such as ANSYS, HyperWorks, Abaqus, Siemens NX and many more. See More
Tracker Tracker - Make sure that the data being used is the most up-to-date and therefore most reliable information available. See exactly what has changed within the database and when from standard version updates to property data changes. See More
Suppliers Suppliers - Browse, search and quickly find material suppliers from all over the world in combination with the Total Metals Database which provides an accurate connection between materials, their properties, and potential local or global suppliers. See More


AGH UST employees, Ph.D. students, and students have access to subscribed e-sources from any place in the world, provided they have an active library account. This mode of access does not include sources in case of which license terms or technical requirements do not allow such use.

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Guided Tours

Information on the database is available in the Special Collections Department, 2nd floor, room 213, phone 12 617 32 17, ozs[at][dot]pl