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FamPat covers patent families in all disciplines. The documents are from: 95 national offices, 6 regional offices (EPO, WIPO, OAPI, ARIPO, EAPO and CCG). Utility models are also covered for 38 countries. A single family record groups together all publication stages of the family members, from applications published to granted patents. Links between parent EP and/or PCT applications and links between US Provisionals and US Published Applications.

Official English language abstracts are provided for near half of families. This coverage is supplemented by abstracts in French, German, Spanish etc. English language machine translations of French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese publications are searchable and this machine translated data is replaced by the official English data when available. For records containing WO, US, EP, AT, BE, BR, CA, CH, CN, DE, ES, FR, GB, IN, JP, KR, RU, TW, DK, FI, SE  and TH publications, the bibliography is completed with the full text of the description and claims of these publications.

The images are available for US publications from 1880, EP and WOpublications from 1978, JP-Kokai from 1980, GB from 1920, FR from 1978, DE from 1980, CA from 1989, KR from 1979, CN from1985, TW from 2004,BR from 2009, IN from 2005 and RU from 1994. Partial coverage for CH, VN and IL. Legal status information for approximately 60 countries.


Publisher: Questel Orbit

Aktualizacja: monthly or weekly

Language: English, French. German, Spanish

The database is available in the Special Collections Department

2nd floor, room 213, phone 12 617 32 17, ozs[at][dot]pl