The Main Library of AGH University of Science and Technology


In the computer catalogue users can check the status of their account (such as information about books checked out electronically and their return dates). They can also renew books themselves.
In order to make a renewal one must be logged into one's account and choose „Activity”, then select books for renewal and press „Renew” to confirm action.
Books from the main collection (e.g. II 222695) can be renewed 5 times by the user, each time for 30 days. Books from the „W” collection (e.g. call-number W 75066/5) can be renewed only once, for 150 days. 
Successive renewals are possible after bringing the books to the Circulation Desk. One can renew books only when they have not been requested (reserved) by another user and they are not charged a fee for being overdue.
Watch for the dates of return of books!
Charges for overdue books are equal 20 groszy per day for each volume and the users account is blocked after 2 weeks from the due date. Without the settlement of arrears (including fees) one cannot borrow or renew books.