Students of the first year of our university (first- and second-cycle degree)
who wish to borrow books may perform registration in theLending Room individually since 2th of October 2017.
Identity card as well as student's card is required at the registration.

E-learning library training can be found at:

Remember about checking book’s status and location in catalogue before mg the request.

Books checked-out from the Open Stacks Zone ought be returned to the Lending Room.

We recommend Polish academic handbooks data base
This data base is accessible also outside the university network.

The is possibility to use wireless Internet.
Access to the Internet from personal computers is also possible through EDUROAM.
Getting access and more information about Wi-Fi.



In case of any problem please contact our staff:

Lending Room (for Students and Employees) :
phone +48 012 617 32 12

Catalogue information can be obtained at the phone number
+48 12 617 32 11